Reading in the dark - Episode 1

This episode highlights the challenges to education in Africa and how Books2Africa is helping overcome them. Discussions focus on the lack of electricity in most rural parts of Africa and how this and other challenges affect the academic performance of students. 

Reading in the dark - Episode 1

Sponsor a shipment of books to Africa - Books2Africa Sponsorship Appeal

Why electricity can improve education in Africa - Dr Precious Sango

Rosemary Doyle, Lord Mayor of Canterbury.

The challenges of studying in rural parts of Africa - Dr Tonson Sango


Books2Africa is a UK registered charity that is educating people and saving the environment by collecting donated books and sending them to schools and institutions of learning in Africa.


Books2Africa hosts a series of video interviews with authors, academics, experts, entrepreneurs and influential personalities who have a passion for Africa and who support the work of the charity. Recorded mainly within the Books2Africa On Air set in Canterbury, these interviews are aimed towards promoting dialogue and debate about issues concerning Africa. They are published on our YouTube page.


  • 20 minutes video interviews.
  • Semi-structured interview questions provided prior to interview.
  • Make-up artist and dressing area available on the day.
  • Studio audience may be present with Q&A session if desired.


You will be interviewed on your area of expertise. Topics discussed may include Education, Creative Writing, Arts, Entrepreneurship, Sciences, Politics, History, Social and Cultural Issues, Media, Languages, Religion and Spirituality. 

Email [email protected] for more information.
Filmed and edited by Tricord Revelations.


Sponsor a shipment of books to Africa


Lord Mayor Doyle opens Books2Africa charity’s processing centre in Canterbury

The charity’s objective of collecting donated books from the UK and shipping them to schools and institutions of learning in Africa is one that resonated with the Mayor and...

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Books2Africa UK opens new Processing Centre in Canterbury.

The processing centre in Canterbury will serve as the heart of our operations in the UK and globally.

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Nova Science Publishers donates 92 pallets of books

New York based publisher Nova Science Publishers has donated more than 92,000 textbooks to Books2Africa to be distributed to institutions in Africa especially those in developing regions and communities.

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Books2Africa is equipping Africa’s Rural Education Sector

Books2Africa collect donated books across the UK from Schools, Universities, Organisations and individuals shipping them directly to African Schools and Universities in rural areas.

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Zambia MP commends Books To Africa

I thank Books To Africa for the gesture of donating and shipping a total of 1,248 books which are related to the subjects that are offered in the course...

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Direct-Ed donates to books to Books2Africa

Books2Africa are doing a fantastic job and we just hope our donation can help them, even just a little bit more, to continue this great work.

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APM donates books to Africa

APM is contributing to raising the level of project management professionalism in Africa by donating a number of its publications to charity.

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Students Booked

Heart of England Students and their parents/carers have been bringing books into school to send them to Africa where they will be used by children studying in schools.

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Universal Channel Africa partner with Books To Africa in celebration of Season 2 of the Librarians

We are excited to announce that Books To Africa International are working together with Universal Channel Africa on a donation campaign to improve the standard of education for thousands...

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Schools unite to change lives by donating study books to pupils in Africa [Getwestlondon]

More than 1,000 books have been collected and will now be distributed across Africa with education charity Books to Africa.

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Primary Education in Uganda and the UK

So far, Books2Africa has donated textbooks to five projects in Uganda which include a primary school library as well as several community libraries, offering them access to all-important educational...

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Overcoming Barriers To Female Education in Nigeria

The self confidence that naturally comes with learning can be instrumental in a woman’s life, in empowering her to see herself as a productive, useful member of society.

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