Boroma Community Health Project, Somaliland – 2,160 books received.

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100 students

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2,160 books


Yasmin Ibrahim


Boroma Community

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Most Health professionals do not have access to resources such as books once they graduate. This project offers individuals the opportunity to access reading materials for further development and up to date evidence based literature. This project is still in its infancy and with the help of Books2Africa it has taken off.


We collected the books from the warehouse in Canterbury. We were assisted by two hardworking volunteers to put all the requested books together. The books were then transported to Somaliland by cargo (sea) and this journey took six weeks. Once the books arrived in the capital; they were then transported by road to  the project destination.


The healthcare professionals especially Nurses and Midwives are routinely accessing the project to develop their knowledge and understanding in their area of interest.


The help we've received from Books2Africa has been immense. The staff are exceptionally helpful and very patient. Improving the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals through current health literature will have an impact not only for the individual but also for service users i.e patients. Somaliland is going through many developmental changes at the moment and we hope that this project is a positive contribution to this. We will definitely engage with Books2Africa in the future. Keep up the great work!


Yasmin Ibrahim

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