Prime Scholars’ School, Nigeria – 1,000 books received.

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Mahmood Abdulkareem


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Libraries are an important cornerstone of a healthy learning environment. A library opens a world of wisdom for the student. We are happy to say that our school can now boast about having a well-stocked library thanks in no small part to the support we have received from Books2Africa.


Books2Africa donated over 1000 books for children of all ages to the school library. In order to keep the younger children engaged with the resources we have in the library, we setup a storytelling club for the nursery and primary school students. We also added a library period to the time table for our secondary school students. Moreover, all the students are encouraged to read new books and find unfamiliar words and look for their meanings in the dictionaries donated to the library. Even our teachers are advised to use the library’s resource to find new definitions for terms and ideas being taught to our students.


Since the library was opened to the students, we have observed that many of our students enjoy reading storybooks and novels for leisure. They are also broadening their vocabulary and their knowledge of the world. This exciting development will no doubt enable them develop a habit of reading to educate themselves. It also inculcates the idea of having to use the library as a resource centre for learning.


Most of what we have been able to accomplish has been a direct result of the generous donation we received from Books2Africa. We intend to continue increasing the library’s collection and have recently created a section dedicated to nursery school students.


Mahmood Abdulkareem

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