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1,252 books


Maryam Barau



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There is a literacy skills gap among displaced persons who lost access to their homes and formal learning institutions. The apathy created by fear and despair have dire consequences on their passion for reading or literacy based activity. For instance, the identity tag “Boko Haram” of the terrorist movement means, "Book/learning is sacrilegious or forbidden".


On behalf of Community Reading and Information Acquisition Skills Initiative (CRISI), I want to extend our appreciation and gratitude to you and your wonderful team at BOOKS TO AFRICA. Your organization's support to our outreach program to children at Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp is greatly appreciated. Please thank your organization and its supporters for their generous donation and be assured that your books will continually to be available in our communities in Nigeria. The legacy of BOOKS TO AFRICA will never be forgotten.


BOOKimpact specifically targets displaced children without access to formal learning environments, using books as a reformatory tool for social integration. It aims at eliminating barriers which inhibit the passion for reading outside formal school environment, and the promotion of a conscious desire for reading, through incentives such as:

  • Free books: Making reading friendlier and enhancing access to free books
  • Awareness: Increasing exposure of target group through seminal educational tours
  • Activity-driven initiative: Delivering enablers and organizing incentive-based competitive participation through spelling/reading competition, quizzes, etc with attractive gifts and prizes.
  • Counseling: Providing regular talks/counseling to assist in stepping up skills development for target groups.
  • Poverty reduction: Networking for synergy and support from organizations with shared objectives, towards contributing to rural/semi urban literacy and poverty reduction strategies.


We will continue to work with Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) camped in identified major urban centers where they are seeking refuge. They include those displaced as a result of insurgency, floods or communal clashes.  


Maryam Muhammad Barau

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