Hokifa Mobile Community Library, Togo – 2,954 books received.

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2,954 books


Constantin Toko


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The ''Mobile Library project'' by HOKIFA (Homeland Kids and Family) is an innovation in Togo and certainly the first supported by Books2Africa in the country. We received 3,000 books, then we created a mobile library program for Bethesleel and Helene Creppy primary schools in Togo. We used 1,000 books to develop a free public library for all at our head of office. The library is a success and many children are being introduced to bilingualism with the books in English as Togo is a French-speaking country.


We have to inform everyone that the books arrived in summer 2014 in Lome port. We had some financial difficulties in clearing the books from the port and finally succeeded in clearing the books from customs at the end of the year. With the support of the members of our organization, we were able to raise 1000 USD to clear the books and bring them into our office.


The books have actually impacted more than 1000 kids. Through the donation, schools can use our ''mobile library'' and are invited to come and read at the library in our headquarters. Our partner schools actually use the books in their curriculum to improve their students through the learning of English, which is an important language in the region because Togo is situated between two major English-speaking countries (Ghana and Nigeria). So the impact is not only the importance of the books in terms of their richness, but also the books are giving the students a new vocation and interest in a new language.


Finally, we think we cannot praise enough all the efforts Books2Africa is doing for the children of Togo. Although getting the project to this phase was a challenge, the outcome is tremendously huge for the intellectual well-being of the children of Togo. We are still trying to promote what Books2Africa is doing for the education of the less-privileged in Togo through the books and educational supplies provided.


Constantin Toko

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