Solasta Foundation International, Ghana – 1,300 books received.

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100 students

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1,300 books


Mrs Philomena Anderson



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Solasta Foundation International was founded by Mrs Philomena Anderson. One of the projects under the foundation aims to promote reading and writing in Primary Schools especially in the remote and rural areas in Ghana where children are often left behind on the educational ladder due to inability to read and write. The first beneficiaries were Vodza RC Basic School. Through the inauguration of Solasta Reading Champions, the reading project started smoothly. Reading Champions are made of children who can read and are willing to take on a small group of children each morning and read with them for at least 30 mins. It has been agreed by stakeholders that the first 30 mins of each day at school should be used for reading. Now the whole school is reading at this time.


I put in application for 1000 books for Primary School learners. I needed money to pay for the handling charges and also for shipping. Through my own effort and also through appeals to friends and families and citizens of the village, we put our resources together to raise money for both the handling charges and for the shipping. I traveled to Canterbury on an appointment with Books2Africa and with the help of my friends and Mr and Mrs Sango we selected all the books. There were a whole range of reading materials - fiction and non-fiction and I was spoiled for choice. We were able to select 1000 books and more were added including a box of dictionaries for free.


Reports I read everyday from teachers, pupils and parents indicate a significant improvement in the reading and writing abilities of the children. There are now more books available for both teachers and pupils to engage in many reading and writing activities.


This project would not have been a success if not for books donated by Book2Africa. Results are unbelievable. And not only that, the whole school from Kindergarten to JSS 3 are reading during this period allocated. We greatly appreciate the books made available to us by Books2Africa. It is our hope to take this project in many rural schools in Ghana with support.


Mrs Philomena Anderson

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