Nodi Trust School, Zambia – 1,025 books received.

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60 students

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1,025 books


Fares Florence Phiri


Nodi Trust School

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As Nodi Trust School, we are very grateful to have received donated books from Books 2 Africa.  We also want to say that we received more books for higher Grades and quite few for the younger children in Pre-school.  We would have appreciated more of the Pre-school books.  However, we were glad to also receive Teachers’ Resource books.


When we were informed that the books were en-route Africa, we had constant information about where the books were.  The Transporter then informed us that we needed to pay Port Charges amounting to United States Dollars Three eighty-seven, forty-four cents (US$384.44) which is an equivalent of Zambian Kwacha Three thousand, eight hundred and forty-three and forty ngwee (3,843.40) only.  They then advised that we needed our own Clearing Agent as they were just Transporters and not Clearing Agents.  They again advised that we would not get the books on arrival if we did not provide an original Bill of Lading document.  That was the reason we were repeatedly asking for the document as that is what the Transporter advised.  However, the documents did not arrive to our address even after the books had arrived in the country. Our Clearing Agent had to ask for special delivery to have the books handed over to us; otherwise we were going to incur storage costs.  We had to pay the Clearing Agent an amount of Zambian Kwacha One thousand, one hundred and four, sixty ngwee (ZMW 1,104.60) which is an equivalent of British Pounds Ninety-two and five pence (UKP 92.05) only.


The books have been arranged in the school library and we have community school going children using them from the school library. Children in the school now have library time which they enjoy immensely. Community children too have started using the library for reference books.


In conclusion, we are pleased to say we did not have wait a long time for the books to arrive, however we would have appreciated if all the documentation was also sent in good time. All in all, the books are already making a positive impact in our school and in our community.   


Fares Florence Phiri