Adama Secondary School, Ethiopia – 1,172 books received.

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4,160 students

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1,172 books


Hilkiah Kinfemichael


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Adama secondary school project is the first project of Books To Africa in Ethiopia which provided 1,172 books to one of the largest secondary schools - Adama Secondary School - in Adama town, 100 kilometers from the capital city – Addis Ababa.


After the books arrived Addis Ababa in Oct 2015 with the financial support from Books To Africa's University of Kent student group, we had to clear the books from customs. Because there was no clear, regulation for books donated to primary and secondary schools, the school paid around 150 USD. However, the customs branch officer told the project coordinator that they sent a request to the main office for the consideration of our donated books under the custom's free services. After we paid the customs fee, we were asked to pay around 4,000 USD for the storage fee. With the help of the current PM, Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn, and the Ethiopian Airlines, we were able to get the books free without paying the storage fee. The books were then transported to the school in April and the book receiving ceremony was organised.


The books were put in the library so the whole school community could use them. The school has around 4,000 grade 9 and 10 students and every year, the grade 10 students take national examinations. Therefore, the books meant a lot to the students. Although the curriculum is a bit different, the students are using the books in preparation for the national examinations and their teachers are also using the books as additional materials to their existing textbooks. The impact of this project is not only limited to educational purposes because it is also encouraging our students to help others.


This project is a good example for the project coordinator, the government and the school community. We all are challenged by this project in different ways. Therefore, the contribution made by Books To Africa is very significant, starting from meeting school's need for books, to being a good model project for other schools in Ethiopia and Africa in general.


Hilkiah Kinfemichael

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