A Million Books Every Year
We are raising £200,000 to fund the shipping and distribution of 1 million books to readers across Africa every year. Would you consider becoming 1 of the 1,700 people we can count on to give £10 per month? Are you or your organisation able to fundraise for us?
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Who We Are

Books2Africa is an international Non-Governmental Organisation (UK registered charity no. 1152599) whose mission is to promote a culture of recycling and to improve the quality of education in Africa, through the collection, processing, shipping and distribution of quality books, computers, and educational materials, that enable individuals, institutions, and communities to acquire knowledge and achieve their full potential in a globalised world.

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We raise funds towards the huge cost of shipping 1 million books across Africa annually. Your donation of £5 ships 10 books and £500 ships 1,000 books.


We accept all types of books, including but not limited to children's books, novels, secondary school and university textbooks, academic journals etc.


We accept all laptops, desktops and tablets which are refurbished and made ready to be used by someone in Africa. Arrange a collection or book a drop-off appointment.

How We Work

Environmental and Financial Sustainability

The founders of Books2Africa who travelled from Nigeria to the UK for their university education, started the charity using their pocket money. Without any government funding or grant, the charity has had to develop an operational model that is environmentally and financially sustainable, without depending heavily on public financial donations. The charity also created the 1 Million Books Club for individuals and corporate sponsors who sign-up to donate funds on a regular basis to support the charity in reaching its goal of shipping 1 million books to readers across Africa annually.

Collection Fee

Individuals and organisations who donate books, computers or other educational resources are required to either drop-off/deliver their resources to our Processing Centre or fundraise and contribute a collection fee to cover the cost of a courier collecting the items from their address and delivering to our centre. On arrival, donated items are processed to ensure only relevant items in good and working condition are ready for shipping to Africa.

Shipping Fee

Individuals and organisations in Africa who are in need of large quantities of books or educational resources are required to complete our online Shipment Request Application to be reviewed for approval. We do not approve individuals who are book sellers or middle men. Requests which are approved are required to fundraise and contribute a shipping fee to cover the cost of processing and shipping their approved items to a sea port in the African country where they are located.

Distribution Fee

Individuals and organisations in Africa who only need a few books or educational resources can visit a Books2Africa Distribution Centre in their country (where applicable), where they can browse and select books from available titles and are required to fundraise and contribute a distribution fee to cover the cost of customs clearance, local haulage and warehousing. We currently have Distribution Centres in 4 African countries.

Our Impact

Masicorp, South Africa

The books we received have greatly increased the number of books we’re able to lend to children at the school. The staff also have access to borrowing books to use in their classrooms.

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Hooke Court in Malawi

Our charity decided to fill a container with educational resources to send to the 22 primary schools we support in Northern Malawi. These schools are poorly resourced; the children are taught in English yet some have no reading materials at all. The books will greatly enhance the teaching in these schools. The pupils are so excited to have many books with illustrations in them , they are now eager to read.

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We can now donate books to Arabic speaking countries in Africa
يمكننا الآن التبرع بالكتب للبلدان الناطقة بالعربية في إفريقيا

يدرك العالم جيدًا أن القارة الأفريقية لا تزال تواجه صعوبات في مجال التعليم ، وهو عامل مشترك في عدد كبير من المناطق في بداية التحول الديموغرافي أو السياسي أو الاقتصادي أو في خضمه. في إفريقيا ، ينعكس هذا الاتجاه بشكل خاص من خلال معدل الأمية المرتفع بشكل غير طبيعي مقارنة بالمتوسط العالمي ونوعية التعليم التي تترك الكثير مما هو مرغوب فيه.

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Shipping and delivering 1 million books every year
involves the following:

Fundraising Target


Processing in the UK


Freight from the UK


Clearing and haulage in Africa

Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599