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Boroma Community Health Project, Somaliland – 2,160 books received.

Improving the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals through current health literature will have an impact not only for the individual but also for service users i.e patients

Lord Mayor Doyle opens Books2Africa charity’s processing centre in Canterbury

The charity’s objective of collecting donated books from the UK and shipping them to schools and institutions of learning in Africa is one that resonated with the Mayor and...Read More

Books2Africa School Line

Students to get free ride to school - Books2Africa School Line

School Line is a new initiative launched as part of the Books2Africa Enterprise program. With the help of sponsors, Books2Africa buys buses to transport school children to and from school free of charge for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours after school hours. After the school run, School Line buses operate as normal commercial buses and generate income to pay for the driver, fuel and vehicle maintenance.

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Books2Africa Scholars

Excellent students from low income families to get funding - Books2Africa Scholarship

Books2Africa Scholarship aims to fund the tuition fees of the best performing primary and secondary school students enrolled in schools within rural parts of Africa. To qualify, students must be among the top 3 in their class, and be from a low income family. Schools in partner countries such as the UK are paired with a school in Africa and agree to fund the top 3 students from each class annually.

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Books2Africa Press

Essays by African students to be published - Books2Africa Press

Books2Africa Press aims to publish and promote literary works and research by African authors and scholars. Any author or publisher who supports the charity can donate £0.20 from the sale of each copy of their book to ship books and fund writing workshops and competitions in Africa. Independent African writers can also submit their manuscripts to be published on Amazon Kindle by Books2Africa Press.

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Omoyele Sowore On Corruption In Nigeria - Books2Africa OnAir Episode 2

Founder of Sahara Reporters, Omoyole Sowore speaks about his unique brand of activist journalism and the challenges of overcoming corruption in Nigeria. Interviewed by Dr Tonson Sango at the Tracking Faulty Towers Conference, held at the Wigoder Law Building, University of Kent, Canterbury.

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Books2Africa Outreach

Enjoying learning within safer environments - Books2Africa Outreach

The Books2Africa Outreach programme is designed to meet the infrastructural and capacity building needs of academic institutions in Africa. Outreach activities such as renovation of schools ensure that students enjoy learning within a safer environment. Establishing libraries equipped with computers within classrooms, schools and communities creates a shared learning space for students.

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