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Books2Africa is equipping Africa’s Rural Education Sector

Books2Africa collect donated books across the UK from Schools, Universities, Organisations and individuals shipping them directly to African Schools and Universities in rural areas.

Zambia MP commends Books To Africa

I thank Books To Africa for the gesture of donating and shipping a total of 1,248 books which are related to the subjects that are offered in the course of community development.

Karu Children’s Library [Project 68, Nigeria]

We are operating strictly within the ambit of the educational industry and our main aim and target is centred on how to capture the young minds and inculcate the reading culture in them.

Community Development Training College [Project 60, Zambia]

We wish to thank you for your donation of the books. It is our hope that the number of users will increase as we talk with those who come around to use our library.

How to donate your books to a student in Africa. [Video]

How to get books for your school or project in Africa. [Video]

How to volunteer with Books2Africa at your university. [Video]


to ship 140,000 books in 7 containers to students in Nigeria.

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to ship 25 books to Africa monthly.

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to rent a larger warehouse in Kent to store and sort up to 20 containers of books at one time.

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