Study for free or contribute a maximum of £1 to get any book in stock at our Africa Distribution Centres

How We Work

Our mission is to improve the quality of education in Africa in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4, by increasing access to quality books and educational resources for all academic levels. Books2Africa’s Distribution Centres in Africa play a crucial role in achieving this by acting as learning and distribution hubs where individuals, institutions and communities can access and read thousands of books across a variety of academic levels free of charge, as well as having the option to acquire any book by contributing a distribution fee of up to £1 per book to fund our distribution centre costs.

Read for free

With thousands of books in stock for all ages, our Africa Distribution Centres are the perfect place to get lost in a book. We also partner with local organisations to run book and reading clubs for all ages to help improve literacy within local communities. Contact the Distribution Centre in your country to learn more and start your reading adventure!

Give upto £1 for any book

To take a book away, we require beneficiaries to contribute a distribution fee of up to £1 per book (equivalent in local currency) to help with the overhead costs of our Distribution Centres (warehousing, staff, etc). The fee is not a purchase price as the books are not for sale and are worth much more than £1. We do not provide books to be sold or to book sellers/middle men.

Send Photos and Reports

We require beneficiaries to open a free Books2Africa Account on site using their email address before they are eligible to read or take books away from our distribution centres. We also require you to take an Impact Photo holding one of the books you receive, and every book labelled with an impact sticker to be sent to the donor of the book and shared with supporters.

Our Locations

Nigeria Distribution Centre

In partnership with Books To Africa Nigeria.

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Kenya Distribution Centre

In partnership with Rahul Kutak Foundation.

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Tanzania Distribution Centre

In partnership with African Aid Foundation.

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Become a Books2Africa Distribution Partner

If your country does not have a Books2Africa Distribution Centre listed above, consider partnering with us to start one. If you meet the partner requirements below, please send us an email with the required documents and photos via the contact form.