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Why recycle when you can 'Readcycle'

At Books2Africa, we ‘Readcycle’. Derived from the words “Read” and “Recycling”, Readcycling is the proven idea that extending the life of educational materials such as books and computers by donating them to be used by someone else is more environmentally sustainable, educationally beneficial, and financially cost-effective than sending them to recycling/landfill sites. Its a no-brainer!

Start readcycling by donating your books, computers and educational resources to Books2Africa in 3 easy steps.

Pack Your Items into boxes

Use any strong cardboard boxes (or buy some here) to package your items. Use bubble wrap for fragile items and secure the boxes with tape ready to begin their journey to a new home somewhere in Africa.

Arrange a collection or drop-off

Scroll down to arrange a collection from your address within 48 hours or schedule a date to drop-off at our Processing Centre in Canterbury. You'll get a booking reference to write on your boxes .

Track Your Impact in real-time

At our Processing Centre, we check and scan your items into our database using your booking reference. You'll get email notifications when your books are shipped and a picture of the recipient when delivered.

Pass on knowledge to the next generation and see your impact in real time

We developed Books2Africa Curiosity – our bespoke inventory management and tracking application that tracks the journey of every donated book and computer from donor to recipient, so you can see your impact in real-time with email notifications and access to your personal Impact Dashboard.

Items We Accept

Please take some time to read what we accept before sending us your items.

Donated books we accept

HOW we process Books

Each of your donated books will be scanned and catalogued at our Processing Centre to create a record of all your donated books. A minimum of 80% of donated books are allocated to one of several subject categories and palletised together with similar books from other donors ready for shipping to projects in Africa. The remaining 20% consists of books that are sold via our Charity Shop to fund our overheads and about a small minority of damaged books which are recycled responsibly.

Donated computers we accept

HOW we process computers and data

We are a Microsoft Third Party Refurbisher (TPR) and our Tech Team checks and refurbishes donated technology in line with Microsoft’s standards, ensuring all data on devices are securely wiped. We wipe your data using BitRaser – a secure drive wiping software tested and approved by the NIST which also generates 100% tamper-proof digitally signed certificates that ensure compliance with various national & international data protection regulations. 

Other Items We Accept

Please take some time to read what we accept before sending us your items.


Sports Gear


Toys and Games


How to package your items

Arrange a Collection

Arrange to Drop-Off

What happens at our Processing Centre?

Checkout the videos below for a glimpse of how we process your donated books and computers.

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Shipping and delivering 1 million books every year
involves the following:

Fundraising Target


Processing in the UK


Freight from the UK


Clearing and haulage in Africa

Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599