A Week to collect donated books and raise funds to ship them to Africa

How To
Get Started

Readcycling Week is Books2Africa’s book drive campaign and is the perfect way to maximise your impact. Choose a week for people in your workplace or community to bring their donated books and computers to a central location within your premises to be boxed up and sent to Africa. You can also ask people to make cash donations to fund the journey of their items by creating a JustGiving page. Register to get started and download readcycling week promotional resources such as posters and slides.

Pick a date to get started

Choose a week that works for you and complete our sign up form below to get started. We'll send you an email with links to download Readcycling Week promotional resources such as posters and slides.

Collect books and raise funds

Have a designated location in your premises for people to drop-off their donated books during the week and a JustGiving page for cash donations. Use cardboard boxes to package all items ready for collection.

Ship items and track your impact

At the end of the week, email us to arrange a collection and get a tracking reference to write on your boxes. You'll get email notifications about the journey and final beneficiary of your donated books.

Readcycling Week

Please take some time to read about Items You Can Send before starting your #ReadcyclingWeek