Register your Garage or Warehouse as a Drop-off Point

Do you have an empty detached garage, storage container or warehouse in the UK? Consider registering it to be used as a Books2Africa Drop-Off Point.

Individuals in the UK will be able to book an appointment to drop off packaged boxes of donated books and computers at your location during the opening hours and days of the week you choose. You’ll be notified when an appointment is booked to grant donors access to the unit to offload their boxes of donated items. When your unit is full, notify us to send a van to empty and transfer the boxes to our Canterbury Processing Centre to be processed and shipped to students and teachers in Africa. 

How Drop-Off Points Work

Start helping to readcycle books, computers and educational materials in your community with Books2Africa.

Suitable Locations

We are looking to establish Drop-off Points in every community across the UK. Suitable locations include empty detached garages, storage containers or warehouses. Each location should be secured with a lock and free from water hazards (e.g. leaking roofs) and fire hazards (e.g. exposed electrical wiring). Each location should also be accessible by car with enough space to park, offload, or load items.

Drop-off Appointments

Register your location using our online form below and specify the days and times of the week you'll be available for drop-off appointments. You'll receive email notifications when a drop-off appointment is scheduled, with a date and time to grant the donor access to drop off their donated items at your location. Each donor from your community will drop off their donated items already packaged in cardboard boxes with their unique donor reference written on each box. Donors are required to offload their items themselves so you don't have to lift a finger!

Tracking Your Impact

We'll send a van to empty your location when full and deliver the boxes to our Canterbury Processing Centre where we open, check and catalogue each item in our database. This allows us to track how many boxes and what types of books and computers were donated at your drop-off point each year via your Impact Update.

Getting started

Please take some time to go through the checklist below to get started.

What happens to your items at our Processing Centre?

Check out the videos below for a glimpse of how we process your donated books and computers.

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books readcycled
and shipped to Africa

computers refurbished
and shipped to Africa