Donate books and computers at a donation point near you or partner with us to set-up a donation point in your area

Drop-off Points Map

Use the map below to view our current Donation Points. If you cannot find one near you, read on for instructions on how to set up one below.

Setup a Drop-off Point

Books2Africa is a UK-registered charity (152599) that establishes Drop-off Points across the UK using storage containers. We are looking for partners who can support us with any of the following:

Donate a shipping container. 
Donate an outdoor space on your premises to park the container.
Donate £1,500 to cover the costs of setting up a Donation Point in your area.

Once the Books2Africa container is delivered and parked on your outdoor space, individuals in your community will be able to drop off their boxes of donated books inside the container by booking an appointment on our website and receiving a unique code to open the container during the opening hours and days of the week you choose. When the container unit is full, we’ll send a vehicle to empty and transfer the contents to our Canterbury Processing Centre to be processed and shipped to Africa.

Suitable Locations

Organisations such as Universities, Churches, self-storage companies and businesses that serve the public are ideal partners. Contact us if you have an outdoor space (e.g. within your parking lot) where we can park the storage container to be used as a Books2Africa Donation Point. The location should also be accessible by car with enough space to offload and load items.

Drop-off Appointments

Schedule an appointment to deliver your donated boxes of donated books and resources to a Books2Africa Donation Point near you. Our online form allows you to select a convenient date and time to deliver your donated items! After booking your appointment, you'll receive a unique booking tracking reference to write on all your boxes before dropping them off.

Making an Impact

We are raising funds to establish a Books2Africa Donation Point in every city across the UK. With a donation of £1,500, you'll help us establish a Donation Point in your area, encouraging people in your community to start readcycling. We'll prioritise your area when you fund a drop-off point and you'll be able to deliver items without further donations.