Partner with us
in passing knowledge
to the next generation

Together, we can collect and send
1 million books and 1 thousand computers
to Africa yearly

According to UNESCO, 202 million students who attend school in Sub-Saharan Africa will not be able to read or write properly after finishing school due to lack of quality educational resources. An estimated 770 million (64%) across Africa have no access to electricity and 936 million (78%) still have no access to the internet! Yet according to CODEP, an estimated 13 million books (7,500 tonnes) go to landfill every year in the UK alone, and the National Wildlife Federation found that approximately 320 million books (160,000 tonnes) are sent to landfill or recycling sites annually in America

202 million students not learning

320 million books sent to landfill

936 million have no access to the internet

Our Solution

Books2Africa is on a mission to promote a culture of ‘readcycling’ and improve the quality of education in Africa, through the collection, processing, shipping and redistribution of quality books, computers and educational materials that equip institutions and communities, and enable individuals to acquire knowledge and achieve their full potential in a globalised world.

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Partner with us in Funding Shipments

Collecting and shipping 1,000,000 books and 1,000 computers every year, will save 500,000 kg from going to landfill/recycling sites in the UK every year whilst improving the quality of education for millions in Africa. To achieve this, we need to ship 25 x 40ft containers, each carrying 40,000 books and 40 computers at £10,000 per container.  ‘Readcycling’ these resources will ensure we continue educating people and saving the planet together. Would you consider chipping in towards our shipping costs with a monthly financial donation or funding a container shipment each year as a key partner? 

100% of your donated funds go towards the shipping and delivery of 1 million books and 1,000 computers annually.

Through our 80/20 fundraising model, our overhead costs are funded from the sale of 20% of donated books and resources via our online Charity Shop. This means that every penny you donate goes directly towards the cost of shipping and delivering the remaining 80% of donated books and computersto individuals, institutions and communities across Africa.

A monthly donation of £10 will fund the cost of shipping a box of 20 books of all subjects, as part of a regular container shipment to our Distribution Centres in Africa, to be made available to readers of all ages. Monthly donors get free collection of donated items from their address and are signed up to our Impact Newsletter.


Monthly Donors Signed-up

Become a key partner by funding a container shipment of 40,000 books per year with a £10,000 donation. You can select what country and community in Africa receive the books. Key partners get featured on our Partner Wall below and enjoy other PR benefits including a press release, social media posts and more.


Key Partners Signed-up

Types and Costs of Shipments

Box of
20 books

A monthly donation of £10 funds the cost of processing and shipping a box of 20 books (£0.50 per book) to a classroom in Africa every month. Become 1 of 2,000 monthly donors giving £10 to reach our fundraising goal.

Study Kit

A donation of £200 funds the cost of processing and shipping a Digital Study Kit that includes; a Windows laptop,  a solar reading light, and access to digital books. Shipped door-to-door via DHL to a teacher in Africa. 

Pallet of
1,000 books

A donation of £500 can fund the cost of processing and shipping 1,000 books (£0.50 per book) to any sea port in Africa. Enough books for a school. The receiver covers any local clearing, haulage and destination charges. 

Container of
20,000 books

A donation of £5,000 funds the cost of processing and shipping 20,000 books. Enough books for a university library. An additional £2,000 will be required if we are to clear and deliver to a community of your choice.

Container of
40,000 books

A donation of £8,000 funds the cost of processing and shipping 40,000 books. Enough books for a community to share. An additional £2,000 will be required if we are to clear and deliver to a community of your choice.

Key Partners Wall

We are grateful for this special group of key partners who have committed to funding container shipments. We would not be able to fulfil our mission without their support.

Partner Shipment Process

It can take as little as 3 months from your decision to become a key partner, to the delivery of books and computers to your chosen community in Africa.

Step 1 - Processing

After completing the Key Partner Form, we’ll schedule a call with you to discuss the community you want to impact and the types and categories of books and educational resources you want shipped. We usually have more than 300,000 books and 30 laptops in stock at any given time.

Step 2 - Funding to Ship

After finalising your Impact Goals and carrying out verification checks, we’ll provide you with bank details to complete your financial donation. When funding is received, our Logistics Team will be authorised to move your materials to our shipping queue and a loading date will be booked within 2 weeks.

Step 3 - Clearing

After loading your materials into a container, it would take 4-6 weeks by sea to get to the sea port of your preferred country in Africa. We work with reputable shippers including DHL, Maersk, DSV and more to ensure that customs clearance goes smoothly and is completed within 4 weeks.

Step 4 - Impact

After clearing is completed, the container is trucked to your community of choice to be distributed to eligible projects accordingly. Depending on the distribution plan, it can take 2-3 weeks to deliver all the books to recipients. Impact Photos, Videos and Reports will be sent back to you.

Edward, Pre-school Teacher in Zambia

“The effect of donated books is so great, especially for the kids who are from the villages. They will come in and read books. Sometimes they can’t read but they will open pages and see pictures, and just get excited to have this place. For us, we have times when we come here and study, and also research for our own teaching. And just for amusement! For me, I will just come, sit there in the corner and read. I like reading fiction: horror and also romance books.”

Want to Raise Funds for Books2Africa?

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Shipping and delivering 1 million books every year
involves the following:

Fundraising Target


Processing in the UK


Freight from the UK


Clearing and haulage in Africa

Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599