Mr Gideon Sango

Director of Africa Partnerships

Gideon is a business and IT consultant. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and finding digital solutions to everyday problems. He is an expert on developing business models and strategic partnerships that enhance operational efficiency, corporate social responsibility and impact.

At Books2Africa, he is responsible for expanding the charity’s distribution capacity in Africa by identifying and recruiting new NGO and corporate partners as well as programme development to diversify the charity’s impact in Africa. Gideon also manages the charity’s Africa Partnerships team, ensuring that Books2Africa explores sustainable fundraising partnerships with philanthropists and key stakeholders in Africa.

Gideon has an MSc in Computing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Kent in Canterbury, and a BSc in Information Systems from the American University of Nigeria. He has worked as an IT consultant with the Kent IT Clinic, a part of the School of Computing at the University of Kent, established to deliver workshops that focus on how small businesses can harness the power of current trends in information technology. He is also worked within the security and finance industry in Nigeria and his Masters dissertation focused on the importance of cybersecurity in confronting human security challenges in a digital age.

Gideon is passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses in Africa maximise the power of technology to grow their business.