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Capturing our impact

The interactive map below displays all impact reports received since our first shipment in 2013. We expect impact reports to be completed 3 months after books are delivered. Not all supported projects have completed their impact reports and only those received so far are published. Click on an icon on the map, or use the search bar to narrow down reports by country.

Recently Published

Sadza Secondary School Reading Project, Zimbabwe

The classroom environment which used to have pockets of noise-makers is now quiet. The learners are always quiet reading books for knowledge and pleasure. Unnecessary movement in the classroom is now a thing of the past and we no longer have bullies. The availability of the books has changed the classroom environment for the better hence beating the adage: “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

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Padre Pio College of Health and Allied Sciences, Tanzania

The performance (of students) improved as the students are now able to have access to a better equipped learning atmosphere with up to date reference materials. Hence their ambitions and hopes are being fulfilled through this generous support from Books2Africa. Our vision is to be the epitome of quality higher education across Africa through our core value Quality Equity Integrity Professionalism Accountability as well as Transparency also to provide knowledge and skills development in health education science and technology for transformation of society. Therefore these books we have will act as a stepping stone toward fulfilling the vision and strategic objectives of the institution.

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Tukongote Community Library, Zambia

Because of the rural location of our school and community and the fact that we currently have no mains power, our teachers had nowhere to source ideas or knowledge from before the library was opened. Having the access to the books has made them become much keener in planning their lessons. They are discovering new and exciting ways to teach and impart knowledge. And they themselves are learning in the process of teaching.

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Shipping and delivering 1 million books every year
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Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599