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The interactive map below displays all impact reports received since our first shipment in 2013. We expect impact reports to be completed 3 months after books are delivered. Not all supported projects have completed their impact reports and only those received so far are published. Click on an icon on the map, or use the search bar to narrow down reports by country.

Your books set-off on a voyage across the world, finding their way from your quiet shelves to the curious hands of a student or teacher in Africa where they’ll find new life and their pages will turn once again! At Books2Africa, we are proud of our use of cutting edge technology to catalogue and track every single book that is donated, following it on its journey from the hands of the donors to the hands of recipient. Here is how we keep you updated on your impact.

Impact Dashboard

A personal dashboard with email notifications to track the status, location and final destination of your donated books.


A photo from an individual who received one or more of your donated books or materials sent to your email.


A video from an individual or institution who received your donated books posted on our Social Media.


A detailed report from institutions or projects who receive large shipments of books, published on this webpage.


Our quarterly e-newsletter containing details of the charity's performance and impact in the preceding quarter.

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Recently Published

Comboni College of Science and Technology, Sudan

The unexpected output created by the new books has to do with the 7,000 members of the Sudanese Nursing leadership Initiatives. We had the visit of their leaders with whom we wish to collaborate to raise the dignity of nurses in Sudan as we start our nursing project next December. They were amazed with the category of the books of nursing as they find very old fashioned volumes in other Sudanese universities. Our collaboration with them will make those books accessible to the members of this Initiative even if they do not study at the College.

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Ghana Library Authority Keta branch, Ghana

We needed books for the juvenile section of the library and also adult to support the library activities like the reading clinic and the library club and also for the patronage of the library. The books have supported classroom learning and also increased the patronage of the library like JHS students coming in for the books for their work and teachers using to teach.

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Shipping and delivering 1 million books every year
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Clearing and haulage in Africa

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