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Capturing our impact

The interactive map below displays all impact reports received since our first shipment in 2013. We expect impact reports to be completed 3 months after books are delivered. Not all supported projects have completed their impact reports and only those received so far are published. Click on an icon on the map, or use the search bar to narrow down reports by country.

Recently Published

Prime Scholars School Library, Nigeria

Since the library was opened to the students, we have observed that many of our students enjoy reading storybooks and novels for leisure. They are also broadening their vocabulary and their knowledge of the world. This exciting development will no doubt enable them develop a habit of reading to educate themselves. It also inculcates the idea of having to use the library as a resource centre for learning.

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Catch Them Young Spelling Competition, Nigeria

We are extremely grateful to the entire team at Books2Africa for giving our Community Initiative the much needed support to move on and to open the minds of young ones to making reading a habit through spelling event, one of our various incentive-based enrichment activities. Even the children that didn’t win star prizes said they gained more confidence, built better vocabulary and are determined to be great spellers. All the children participated for the first time and would like to take part next time.

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Hokifa Mobile Community Library, Togo

The books have actually impacted more than 1000 kids. Through the donation, schools can use our “mobile library” and are invited to come and read at the library in our headquarters. Our partner schools actually use the books in their curriculum to improve their students through the learning of English, which is an important language in the region because Togo is situated between two major English-speaking countries (Ghana and Nigeria). So the impact is not only the importance of the books in terms of their richness, but also the books are giving the students a new vocation and interest in a new language.

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Adama Secondary School, Ethiopia

The books were put in the library so the whole school community could use them. The school has around 4,000 grade 9 and 10 students and every year, the grade 10 students take national examinations. Therefore, the books meant a lot to the students. Although the curriculum is a bit different, the students are using the books in preparation for the national examinations and their teachers are also using the books as additional materials to their existing textbooks. The impact of this project is not only limited to educational purposes because it is also encouraging our students to help others.

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Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599