Impact Reporting Page

Welcome to the Books2Africa Impact Reporting page. Use this page to complete your Impact Reporting Duties if you have received a donation of books, computers or educational resources from Books2Africa. Completing your impact reporting duties enables us to remain transparent to our donors.


You are required to submit an impact photo for every donated book you receive that has a yellow impact sticker on it. Please take a clear impact photo with the recipient, a student or teacher holding the book with a smile (like the example above) and upload it below. Remember not to cover the #number on the yellow sticker when taking the photo. These photos are sent to the donor of the book and the best ones are shared with supporters on our websites.


Play Video

An impact story is a 60 second video of a student, teacher or reader explaining why they appreciate the book/books they received. Please record the video with the recipient, a student or teacher holding any book they are particularly interested in and ask them to explain why they are interested in the particular book they are holding. You can then upload the video here or send it via our Facebook Messenger account by clicking here


Institutions, organisations and projects are required to complete our impact report survey after 3 months of receiving their books. If you are an academic institution (schools, colleges, universities), organisation or project (such as reading clubs) that receive books, please complete the impact report survey to inform us of both the impact that donated books may be having and any feedback for improvement. These are published on our website.

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Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599