Collect donated books and computers for Books2Africa

You can organise a book drive to collect donated books and computers for Books2Africa. Organizing a book drive is an amazing idea! It’s a wonderful way to spread joy and give back to the community. By donating books you no longer use, you can help others discover the joys of reading. Plus, you’ll be promoting literacy and helping to make books more accessible to those who may not have had the chance to own their own before. Best of all, a book drive is a fantastic way to bring people together and build a sense of community around a shared passion. So why not gather your friends, family, and neighbors and organize a book drive today? You’re sure to feel great about making a positive impact in your community!

World Book Day

In March of every year, World Book Day is celebrated in the UK, an event that changes lives through a love of books and reading. Designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, World Book Day is marked in over 100 countries around the globe. Organising a Book Drive for Books2Africa can be the perfect way to celebrate World Book Day, but also other calendar events in the year.

Planning your book drive

We are here to help you start promoting a culture of readcycling amongst your family, friends, colleagues and in your community.


Decide what location(s) you'll be using as drop-off points for people to bring their donated books and computers. We recommend using somewhere indoors and secure with easy access for loading/unloading. Get strong cardboard boxes to place at your drop-off points and have some tape ready to seal the boxes when they are full, ready for transport to Books2Africa. We'll also email you our Drop-Off Point poster to print and use.


Spread the word to your audience via word of mouth, email, social media or even flyers. Use a promotional strategy that is best suited for your audience e.g an email to colleagues might be more suitable for a workplace book drive than a social media post. Remember to include these vital details on your promotions: start and end date, drop-off point locations or addresses, opening times, what we accept and any other vital information.


Encourage your audience to also give financial donations to help with the cost of transporting their donated materials from the drop-off points, to our processing centre in Canterbury, and onward to Africa. Each 20kg box of materials you collect will cost £8 to transport to our processing centre, and about £16 to ship to Africa. Alternatively, you can arrange to deliver your items to us in Canterbury.

Packaging and transporting your items

books readcycled
and shipped to Africa

computers refurbished
and shipped to Africa