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Personal Study Kit

Books2Africa’s Personal Study Kit is a 20kg Cardboard Box filled with educational resources that can be requested by anyone in Africa. With each kit containing a  combination of educational resources including; laptop, tablet, books, stationary and a solar reading light, Books2Africa’s Personal Study Kit is recommended for personal study or for individuals looking to start up/run an enterprise or community project.

How it works

Step 1

Apply online to request a Personal Study Kit. You can request the kit for your personal use or for the benefit of someone else in Africa as their Sponsor. When completing the online form, you will be required to enter the recipient's contact and delivery details in Africa.

Step 2

Choose and customise your kit:
Personal Study Kit (1 device with books, stationery & solar light) or Personal Study Kit Plus (2 devices with books, stationery & solar light). You can also choose the type of device (laptop or tablet) and books you want included in your kit.

Step 3

Raise funds and pay to cover the cost of processing and shipping your kit door to door from the UK to any address in Africa via DHL. A total of £250 for Personal Study Kit and £300 for Personal Study Kit Plus. Your Kit is dispatched and delivered within 3-5 days. You are required to send us photos for our website after receiving your kit.

What Makes Up Your Kit


Extra Tablet or Laptop



Solar Reading Light

Preparing Your Items

Books2Africa is a UK registered charity (1152599) and a Microsoft Registered Third Party Refurbisher

Personal Study Kit

Personal Study Kit Plus

Featured Impact Reports

African Methodist Episcopal University Library, Liberia

The books are useful for teaching, learning and research which are the core functions of the university. The books have increase our library usage over the past few months as more students find the books useful for the learning and research needs. The objective of the University library is to provide learning resources that support teaching learning and research. Books2Africa’s Support to AMEU Library has enabled the library to meet a mission. We are better placed to meet the information needs of our users.

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Muyuka School Library, Cameroon

The significance of books to the life of a student and to these students cannot be underestimated. The hundreds of students who never had a textbook to read from are now being able to go to the library and read from the variety of books donated. While the country coordinator for CEED Cameroon challenged the students to make use of the wealth of knowledge found in the books, the Principal also encouraged students to use the books and improve on their academics and urge teachers to make use of the library and enrich their curriculum.

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Prime Scholars School Library, Nigeria

Since the library was opened to the students, we have observed that many of our students enjoy reading storybooks and novels for leisure. They are also broadening their vocabulary and their knowledge of the world. This exciting development will no doubt enable them develop a habit of reading to educate themselves. It also inculcates the idea of having to use the library as a resource centre for learning.

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The Children’s Voice Book Drive, Zimbabwe

Our team worked diligently to have a colourful handover event. It was held at Umguza Primary School which was one of the receiving schools. Other people present were the children, parents, teachers of the Umguza Primary School and that of the other receiving schools. Ministry of Education officials were also present. The children presented some poems, drama and songs thanking Books To Africa and our organisation for the support. Your donation of books will certainly go a long way in helping the children in our rural schools of Zimbabwe learn and love reading.

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Books2Africa’s UK Processing Centre is still open during the lockdown and we are still accepting donated items and shipping to Africa. You can still donate or request resources as usual. We’ve also launched our Personal Study Kit to help with home schooling across Africa.


Shipping and delivering 1 million books every year
involves the following:

Fundraising Target


Processing in the UK


Freight from the UK


Clearing and haulage in Africa

Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599