Personal Study Kit

Books2Africa’s Personal Study Kit is a Cardboard Box containing;
a computer (laptop or tablet), a solar reading light and a handful of books,
that can be requested by students, teachers or entrepreneurs in any African country.  Books2Africa’s Personal Study Kit is recommended for personal study, educators or individuals who work or study from home.

Step 1

Apply online to request a Personal Study Kit. You can request the kit for your personal use or for the benefit of someone else in Africa as their Sponsor. When completing the online form, you will be required to enter the recipient's contact and delivery details in Africa.

Step 2

Select the Personal Study Kit containing 1 Refurbished Laptop (Windows 10 minimum) or Android Tablet (Wifi-enabled), a Namene Solar Reading Light and 10-20 books from any category of your choice, or the Personal Study Kit Lite which contains only the device and the solar reading light.

Step 3

Raise funds to cover the cost of processing and shipping your kit door to door from the UK to any address in Africa via DHL. A total of £300 is required for the Personal Study Kit or £200 for the Personal Study Kit Lite. Your Kit is dispatched and delivered within 3-5 days. You are liable for any customs charges at destination and required to send us photos for our website after receiving your kit.

Laptop or Tablet

Solar Reading Light


Online Resources

Preparing Your Items

Fundraising Ideas

Although we do not have funding to support your processing and shipping costs, you can use the resources below to help you raise and secure funding to fund your shipment. Complete the online Kit Request Form below and if approved, you can go ahead and raise funds.

Complete the Kit Request Application form below to request your Personal Study Kit.


Shipping and delivering 1 million books every year
involves the following:

Fundraising Target


Processing in the UK


Freight from the UK


Clearing and haulage in Africa

Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599