Tukongote Community Library, Zambia

Because of the rural location of our school and community and the fact that we currently have no mains power, our teachers had nowhere to source ideas or knowledge from before the library was opened. Having the access to the books has made them become much keener in planning their lessons. They are discovering new and exciting ways to teach and impart knowledge. And they themselves are learning in the process of teaching.

Nodi Trust School, Zambia

The books have been arranged in the school library and we have community school going children using them from the school library. Children in the school now have library time which they enjoy immensely. Community children too have started using the library for reference books.

Community Development Training College, Zambia

There are some high schoolers who study from our institution;
these are the main targets for most of the books. We continue to use the ones that meet our level as a college and they have helped widen the understanding and sources of information which
eventually will be utilized in communities.