Project Adesso, Nigeria

The books enabled us to establish readers clubs in the schools and also set up clubs to foster a reading culture. With the creation of clubs and groups, students are now actively engaged in reading and have improved their performance.

Matrix International Academy, Nigeria

The books have been very useful to the community as they have access to the ranges of student literature across years. Local community members especially educational authorities have access to our libraries. The remnant of the books was donated to the State Library for onward transmission to affected areas by the State Library Board.

Back to School Initiative, Nigeria

The headmistress and headmasters of the schools complained that parents are unable to procure or pay for the textbooks provided by the government. Most times students were sent out of class for not having the required textbooks. this act was a great concern that our intervention helped the community to ameliorate. Literacy level in the community has improved as students are able to assess a variety of books provided free of charge.

Federal School of Occupational Therapy, Nigeria

Occupational therapy in Nigeria is attempting to take major steps into the future by engaging in various initiatives and projects to further equip the upcoming generation of students to be able to compete in the global industry while also improving healthcare services in Nigeria. These endeavours are only possible through the use of adequate educational materials and training facilities on par with their international counterparts, which Books2Africa Africa has helped to achieve this aim.

Bhamuson Foundation Charity, Nigeria

Recently, Bhamuson foundation received over one hundred and sixty books from Book2Africa, which it donated to the two schools currently in partnership with the charity; Adeta Primary School and African Central Church School. The books donated included Literary skills, Mathematics, English grammar, Nursery rhymes, exercise books and dictionaries for nursery classes through to primary six. The aim is to start a library in both schools, to encourage the kids to read more books and provide other educational supplies to enhance teaching methods in these schools.

Prime Scholars School Library, Nigeria

Since the library was opened to the students, we have observed that many of our students enjoy reading storybooks and novels for leisure. They are also broadening their vocabulary and their knowledge of the world. This exciting development will no doubt enable them develop a habit of reading to educate themselves. It also inculcates the idea of having to use the library as a resource centre for learning.

Catch Them Young Spelling Competition, Nigeria

We are extremely grateful to the entire team at Books2Africa for giving our Community Initiative the much needed support to move on and to open the minds of young ones to making reading a habit through spelling event, one of our various incentive-based enrichment activities. Even the children that didn’t win star prizes said they gained more confidence, built better vocabulary and are determined to be great spellers. All the children participated for the first time and would like to take part next time.

Support Our Troops Foundation, Nigeria

It is the believe of the Foundation that, a book in the hands of a child can lead to endless possibilities and create a reading culture in the children of the armed forces. It is in view of this that, the Foundation took a giant stride to donate 3000 books received from Books2Africa for distribution to libraries in military schools.