We have re-opened! Read our COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Written by

Books2Africa Team


27 May 2020

In preparation for a phased re-opening of our UK processing centre, we have now conducted and published the results of our Risk Assessment.

Key points effective June 2020

  • Collection of donated items from UK addresses will resume
  • Drop-off/deliveries of donated items at the Canterbury processing centre will resume in line with updated Health, Safety and Hygiene policy.
  • Warehouse volunteering will resume in line with updated Health, Safety and Hygiene policy.

Key points effective July 2020

Following the most recent government advise regarding COVID-19, we are updating our risk assessment accordingly. Our priority remains ensuring our team members (paid staff and volunteers) who are coming in to work, and supporters who visit our premises remain safe as the government eases the lockdown.

Effective from July 2020, we are implementing the following measures in addition to measures already in place following our published risk assessment in June 2020.

  1. Social distance remaining at 2 metres: Although the government has advised that some businesses can now review their social distance to 1 metre, we will continue to maintain 2 metres within our premises and charity shop.
    • Mandatory mask wearing for visitors: Visitors to our premises and charity shop are required to wear a mask before entering and continue to follow all other COVID secure measures in place (2 metres distancing, hand sanitising etc). Visitors who arrive unaware of this will be provided with a mask. No mask, no entry!
      • Mask wearing for Team Members: In addition to following all other COVID secure measures in place (2 metres distancing, sanitising hands and workstations), staff and volunteers working at our premises are required to wear a mask or face shield in the following circumstances:
        • When interacting with all visitors (delivery drivers, donors or customers).
        • When working with other team members within less than 2 metres of each other, with no safety screen/barrier in place.

      To save funds and reduce waste, Team Members are advised to purchase their own reusable masks (Up to £5 to be reimbursed towards the one-off cost of purchase). However, surgical masks will continue to be made available alongside face shields, gloves, hand sanitisers and disinfectant sprays and wipes.  

      The above measures will be reviewed again when new advice is released by the UK government.

      Until then, we will continue to strongly recommend that our staff and volunteers remain cautious outside of the work place, desist from coming into work if they exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 or if they have been informed via Contact Tracing that they have been exposed to anyone with the virus.

      Books2Africa’s impact is achieved thanks to the generous support of our donors, sponsors and partners. Putting a book in the hands of a child in Africa puts a smile on their face, knowledge in their mind and hope for a brighter future in their soul. It’s the least expensive but most important gift you could ever give. 

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