Books2Africa's Impact

At Books2Africa, we are proud of our use of proprietary software to catalogue and track every single book donated, following its journey from the hands of our donors to the hands of our beneficiaries. Here is how we keep you updated on the impact of your donations.

Impact Reporting Strategy

Impact Dashboard

Thanks to our proprietary software called Books2Africa Curiosity, book donors have access to a personal impact dashboard where they can track the impact of their donated educational resources in real-time.

Impact Photo

Beneficiaries who receive books and computers from Books2Africa are required to send us impact photos to be shared with the donors of the items and with our network of supporters.

Impact Video

Beneficiaries who receive books and computers from Books2Africa are also encouraged to send us impact videos to be shared with the donors of the items and with our network of supporters.

Impact Story

Individuals who received donated materials and manage to send us photos and videos are eligible to be approached by our team to be interviewed, and their stories published on our blog.

Impact Report

Institutions and community libraries who receive large shipments of resources are required to submit an impact report within three months, which consist of a detailed survey about usage and relevance of materials received. These impact reports are published on this page below.

Impact Newsletter

Emailed electronically to supporters every month with featured impact photos, videos, stories, and reports, as well as any news from the team. Every three months, the newsletter features a Quarterly Report on our Key Performance Indicators with charts and graphs showing the charity's performance.

Explore Impact Reports

The interactive map below displays all impact reports received since our first shipment in 2013. We expect impact reports to be completed 3 months after books are delivered. Not all supported projects have completed their impact reports and only those received so far are published. Click on an icon on the map, or use the search bar to narrow down reports by country.

Recently Published Reports

Impact Report

The Diocese of Karonga, Malawi

With the project, we have supplied the schools with books such that now both teachers and learners have access to the books which is aiding the teaching and learning processes.

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Impact Report

Back to School Initiative, Nigeria

The headmistress and headmasters of the schools complained that parents are unable to procure or pay for the textbooks provided by the government. Most times students were sent out of

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Shipping and delivering 1 million books every year
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Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599