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Capturing our impact

The interactive map below displays all impact reports received since our first shipment in 2013. We expect impact reports to be completed 3 months after books are delivered. Not all supported projects have completed their impact reports and only those received so far are published. Click on an icon on the map, or use the search bar to narrow down reports by country.

Recently Published

Solasta Foundation International, Ghana

This project would not have been a success if not for books donated by Book2Africa. Results are unbelievable. And not only that, the whole school from Kindergarten to JSS 3 are reading during this period allocated. We greatly appreciate the books made available to us by Books2Africa. It is our hope to take this project in many rural schools in Ghana with support.

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Federal School of Occupational Therapy, Nigeria

Occupational therapy in Nigeria is attempting to take major steps into the future by engaging in various initiatives and projects to further equip the upcoming generation of students to be able to compete in the global industry while also improving healthcare services in Nigeria. These endeavours are only possible through the use of adequate educational materials and training facilities on par with their international counterparts, which Books2Africa Africa has helped to achieve this aim.

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Gwendolyn’s Book Drive for Abia DIA Basic School, Ghana

Thanks to the Books2Africa’s support, students in Abia DIA Basic School now have access to a wide-variety of reading material and this has ignited their desire to explore the world through reading. They are dedicated to creating a small library space where children can go and immerse themselves in the written word, thereby improving their mastery of the English language.

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Bhamuson Foundation Charity, Nigeria

Recently, Bhamuson foundation received over one hundred and sixty books from Book2Africa, which it donated to the two schools currently in partnership with the charity; Adeta Primary School and African Central Church School. The books donated included Literary skills, Mathematics, English grammar, Nursery rhymes, exercise books and dictionaries for nursery classes through to primary six. The aim is to start a library in both schools, to encourage the kids to read more books and provide other educational supplies to enhance teaching methods in these schools.

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Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599