Restore Leadership Primary School Library, Uganda

The books helped fill our new library. We had an almost empty library that children were eager to read in. The books helped fill the shelves and now children are enjoying them on a daily basis. This project is helping increase our reading levels.

Busesa Community Library, Uganda

The students and teachers compete for the limited textbooks provided by the government and most times the teachers will prevail. A student can complete an entire academic year without ever accessing a textbook required for their learning subjects. In the midst of this scarcity of learning and instructional resources, Busesa community library is positioning itself as a hub that can provide the appropriate stock of books and online resources to aid learning for students and teachers in this community.

Urban Resource Centre, Uganda

The community of Kawempe division extend their thanks to Books to Africa and they appreciate your support of uplifting their lives. The pupils from different schools appreciate your support to avail them with the books and they have widened their research capacities and diversified their culture. The students are very happy for the support because this has helped them do various researches in different fields

Wellspring International School Community Library, Uganda

Wellspring community library is already being enjoyed by members of the local community and is proving to be an excellent place for people to appreciate the quality space to enjoy reading. We aim to encourage a love and culture of reading helping to
develop higher literacy levels in the local community.