Frequently Asked Questions

Books immediately improve the quality of teaching and learning especially within poor learning environments with no access to electricity or internet. However, Books2Africa also collects and distributes donations of other educational materials e.g. computers, sports gear and toys to achieve our core charitable objectives – educating people, helping the environment.

Yes. Most of the Science and Social Science subjects are universal and not culture specific. Books2Africa’s mission is to equip African students with educational materials that enable them to be competitive and help them achieve their full potential in a globalised world. As such, we believe not exposing Africans to Shakespeare for example is limiting their potential. At the same time, we recognise the need to encourage African scholarship. As such, we promote books by African authors via our Books2Africa Press programme.

Unlike most other charities, our book distribution model is demand driven. This means we provide books to people and projects/institutions who approach us via our website or at our distribution offices in Africa. When applying for books online, individuals and institutions in Africa can specify the academic level, subject and quantity of books they require and our team of volunteers select relevant books to match their request. By opening more Books2Africa Distribution Offices in Africa, people who need books in Africa can walk in, browse and select the books they want. In our experience, both new and used books are equally desirable and useful.

Clearing shipments through customs across different African countries can be challenging. Over the years, we have built an excellent track record of shipping, clearing and delivering books across 20 African countries. We have worked with many reputable shipping lines (including DSV, MSC and Maersk) and have developed strong partnerships with project coordinators and local organisations in Africa who ensure our shipments are cleared quickly, and books are delivered to the hands of students and teachers.

As a charity, we aim to be sustainable by adapting a social enterprise model to fund our overhead costs. This means 100% of donated funds can go towards funding shipments and other charitable programmes. To prevent a scenario where a majority of donated books are sold instead of being shipped to Africa, we have self-imposed a limit of 20% based on the Pareto Principle. In fact, we have only managed to sell 5% of donated books in any year since the charity was established. Despite being good books, most of the donated books we receive have little monetary value in the UK market and therefore cannot be sold.


We welcome enquiries from partners who can fund projects and initiatives that fit into any of the supplementary educational programmes below. Contact us if you would like to partner with Books2Africa on a program or submit a joint funding application to funding organisations.


Books2Africa Enterprise aims to develop IT and entrepreneurship skills among young people who are out of school and disadvantaged groups such as women and people with disabilities.  Via training workshops and mentoring, this programme empowers participants to gain employment or start a business.


Books2Africa SchoolFix aims to improve accessibility and quality of the learning environment by renovating existing schools in rural areas with a primary focus on improving health and safety, accessibility for the disabled and overall student satisfaction.


Books2Africa Press celebrates and encourages African scholarship by publishing and promoting works and manuscripts by African authors as well as books that are inspired by Africa or have a particular thematic or subjective focus on any aspect of Africa. 

On Air

Books2Africa On Air is a series of video and audio interviews and discussions with authors, academics, experts, entrepreneurs and everyday people who have a passion for Africa and who support the work of Books2Africa. Each episode focuses on a problem and highlights potential solutions.


Books2Africa Outreach aims to support young people and people with disabilities in the area of physical education. This includes organising tournaments and conferences to developing their talent and/or interest in sport and explore it’s potential career paths.


Shipping and delivering 1 million books every year
involves the following:

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Processing in the UK


Freight from the UK


Clearing and haulage in Africa

Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599