Hooke Court, Malawi

Our charity decided to fill a container with educational resources to send to the 22 primary schools we support in Northern Malawi. These schools are poorly resourced; the children are taught in English yet some have no reading materials at all. The books will greatly enhance the teaching in these schools. The pupils are so excited to have many books with illustrations in them , they are now eager to read.

Project Adesso, Nigeria

The books enabled us to establish readers clubs in the schools and also set up clubs to foster a reading culture. With the creation of clubs and groups, students are now actively engaged in reading and have improved their performance.

St. Jude Muwangi Primary School, Uganda

The children are now more interested in reading and spending so much time engaging with the books. They have never interacted with so many books before. The children are home for the lockdown on schools but they can access the library and borrow books. They thus have developed a positive attitude towards the school and believe that once schools open, there will be better performance.

Health Tutors’ College Mulago, Uganda

We believe that the acquired books are going to improve on the quality of assignments and work by both the lecturers and tutor students.
The acquired books will also save the college from the expenditure they would incur if they were to buy similar books for the library. The saved money can be used by the college in doing other developmental things.

Frank Dompreh’s Literacy Project, Ghana

The literacy rate in the municipality has improved. The performance of the students even in the deprived schools have been improved as well. A lot of the student have access to these reading materials to read at their leisure which has helped improve learning and education in the municipality

Matrix International Academy, Nigeria

The books have been very useful to the community as they have access to the ranges of student literature across years. Local community members especially educational authorities have access to our libraries. The remnant of the books was donated to the State Library for onward transmission to affected areas by the State Library Board.

Hope Alive Africa Care Foundation, Ghana

Parents in the communities are delighted knowing that their children have access to books whenever it’s needed for research and more without worry about not having money.

Comboni College of Science and Technology, Sudan, February 2021.

The unexpected output created by the new books has to do with the 7,000 members of the Sudanese Nursing leadership Initiatives. We had the visit of their leaders with whom we wish to collaborate to raise the dignity of nurses in Sudan as we start our nursing project next December. They were amazed with the category of the books of nursing as they find very old fashioned volumes in other Sudanese universities. Our collaboration with them will make those books accessible to the members of this Initiative even if they do not study at the College.

books readcycled
and shipped to Africa

computers refurbished
and shipped to Africa