Asei: Books2Africa has given me a number of my favourite books

My name is Christopher Ebikebena Asei. I am from many places in the sense that, I am a local of Lagos, Bayelsa and Jos, Nigeria. I am a student at the University of Jos, I love to write, I love to read, I love to serve, I love data science, I love to teach. I […]

Step Up Ark, Namibia

We believe that reading books will assist our children to achieve better results in English and other
academic subjects. Subsequently, we expanded our education focus to establish reading programs and
hubs in several rural areas, where books and libraries are not fully operational yet.

Comboni College of Science and Technology, Sudan, June 2022

Computer Science and Information Technology are rapid changing academic fields which demand constant update. These books are fundamental for our students and lecturers to have access to the last information on these fields. As for Nursing, the books sent by Books2Africa are the beginning of the new section of the library that will help to train nurses for a country extremely in need.

Life for Relief and Development, Sierra Leone

One university said that the books have been added to their library that aids students and lecturers. They said it enhances the educational standard for the university and the nation at large. A secondary school said that the science books in particular has been incredibly useful in making the material understandable to the students. The same school shared that previously some students were refusing to complete assignments due to the lack of materials and would consequently just roam around. Now you can see these students focused on their school work and problem solving. A different secondary school said that the books will contribute greatly to the reading and learning abilities of the students. The books allowed another secondary school to open a library for its students and they are incredibly grateful for this. A Calabatown secondary school said that this donation allowed them to complete their standard library and that their teachers understanding of their subjects, especially in science, has greatly improved and they can now teach more effectively.

A daughter-mother partnership set to change a school

Books can change a person’s life. Why aren’t more people having access to this tool that can change their lives? We need to change our culture and attitude toward books, this is just my small effort to make sure students develop a reading habit.

Frank Annor Dompreh Literacy Project 2021, Ghana

Through the books we received and used to stock the libraries in the schools and the community, we have increased the engagement time with the students in terms of real reading time. For example, in the past, whenever it was library time on the timetable of these schools, there were no reading materials or story books at these libraries for the students to read. When we received the books and stocked these libraries with them, now the students have got books to read during these times and at their leisure times during and after school hours. Through this initiative and books received we have seen a great improvement of about 20% in the reading skills of the students in the schools in the community.

Masicorp, South Africa

The books we received have greatly increased the number of books we’re able to lend to children at the school. The staff also have access to borrowing books to use in their classrooms.

Comboni College of Science and Technology, Sudan, January 2022

We have a 45% of refugee students from South Sudan and Eritrea that they just find access to higher education through us. They live in the outskirts of the metropolitan area of Khartoum. The empowerment of these refugee students has a wonderful impact on the communities where they live in Khartoum in terms of job creation and in their original communities in terms of development for those who go back.

books readcycled
and shipped to Africa

computers refurbished
and shipped to Africa