Donate books to a UK charity that accepts all books

Written by

Gicho Ma


27 December 2022

So you’ve finished reading a book? What are your options?

  1. Throw it in the bin □
  2. Sell it □
  3. Donate it □

Well, if you choose ‘Donate it’, congratulations! You’ve made the conscious choice.

But you don’t realize there can be many problems when trying to donate books to some charities in the UK. The charity shop might be too far away from you (books are heavy indeed!), or you might be worried that they’ll be picky about what they accept, or you have too many books, but the charity is inundated!

Well, worry no more – thanks to Books2Afica’s solution. We collect, process and ship thousands of donated books to Africa annually. Our donated books have transformed communities, provided resources to many schools, and contributed to bridging the knowledge gap in more than 20 African countries. We will love to receive your pre-loved books to ship to those who need them desperately.

Why donating books to Books2Africa is a better choice?

  1. The charity accepts a wide range of books from primary to university textbooks, novels, religious books, encyclopedias and more. We also accept computers.
  2. You can arrange a collection from your home within 48 hours, saving you a lot of work, or drop-off at a Books2Africa drop-off point near you.
  3. You can extend the life of books and save them from going to landfill, ‘readcycling’ with us and contributing to saving the planet!
  4. You can help equip individuals, institutions, and communities to acquire knowledge and achieve their full potential in a globalized world, and improve the education in Africa.

So, how does it work if you donate books to Books2Africa?

  1. Package your books and resources into cardboard boxes
  2. Click here to arrange a collection from your address or a drop-off at our Processing Centre in Canterbury.
  3. Write your booking reference number on all your boxes.


What happens after your donation


At our Processing Centre, our team check and scan your items into our database. We also label some of your books with an impact sticker showing your booking reference number before shipping them to Africa.

Shipping and Distribution

When your books arrive in Africa, they are distributed to students and teachers in need. Anyone who receives your labelled items are encouraged to send us a photo for you. We also publish detailed impact reports on our website & Social Media.

Books2Africa’s impact is achieved thanks to the generous support of our donors, sponsors and partners. Putting a book in the hands of a child in Africa puts a smile on their face, knowledge in their mind and hope for a brighter future in their soul. It’s the least expensive but most important gift you could ever give. 

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