A small business wanting to make a big impact⁠—Keeptake

Keeptake are a company with two big goals; one is to help people make their memories everlasting and the other is to use business as a way to bring positive change to the world. Their first step towards these goals is through a ten year guided journal called My Life in Chapters. For every My Life in Chapters book that is bought from Keeptake, a portion of the profits will go towards diverting a book from landfill via Books2Africa. 

My Life in Chapters is a ten-year journal that captures the essence of who you are at the end of each year —everything from your greatest passions to your favourite everyday moments. It only takes 1-2 hours to fill out each year and once completed, My Life in Chapters will create a snapshot of a decade of your life, which is just as fun to read back as it was easy to write.

Why partner with Books2Africa?

Keeptake strongly believe that everyone across the globe deserves access to books as an educational resource. Books2Africa provide a practical and environmentally friendly way of providing people with this resource, by diverting used books away from landfill and into the hands of those in need. With Keeptake being an environmentally conscious business itself, this was the ideal partnership.

At the launch of the company’s kickstarter campaign launch on October 7th, Prash Gor, the co-founder of Keeptake said “used over time, we believe that My Life in Chapters will become your most prized possession. It will be the perfect looking glass into your most valuable memories, as well as the ideal heirloom to pass on to future generations.”

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Books2Africa is a UK registered charity number 1152599