French high school students volunteer at Books2Africa

Hana Maazi, a teacher from Lytee Andre Mauroih High School France explains her students’ experience volunteering at Books2Africa.

Our school is a French public high school with a thousand students. Every year our European classes send their students to countries abroad to allow them to experience English and its wide culture. The students we brought to Books2Africa’s Processing Centre in Canterbury last July study Marketing, Economics, Management and Business in general. As part of the school program, they also study about charities and how they work. Our students had to look for charities in Canterbury and had to choose one of them. They wanted to volunteer for Books2Africa because they found amazing the fact that books could be sent to Africa. They realized how this important work is fighting global inequalities and how much it is helping by spreading education in a continent where people are not equal when it comes to education. The students had a tour of the warehouse and were given explanations on how Books2Africa is managed and how volunteers contribute to this great work. The students then spent a few hours helping with scanning and sorting of books. They felt like they were really useful.
We would like to thank you for your kindness, for your work and most of all for allowing us to be part of it for a few hours.

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