The relationship between education and poverty eradication.

For a long time, sociologists have wondered whether lack of education is caused by poverty or poverty is caused by lack of education. The debate has been dragging on. In recent years, a consensus has been emerging- education and poverty are linked inextricably.

A daughter-mother partnership set to change a school

Books can change a person’s life. Why aren’t more people having access to this tool that can change their lives? We need to change our culture and attitude toward books, this is just my small effort to make sure students develop a reading habit.

Books2Africa’s response to Boko Haram’s war against education in Nigeria

The obstacles to education in Africa have recently become worse with the kidnapping of more than 200 girls from their school accommodation in Northern Nigeria. It is becoming increasingly dangerous to obtain an education in many parts of Africa. However, the kidnapping and the subsequent social media campaign to #BringBackOurGirls only highlight the reality that […]