Donate Toys to Charity: Bring Joy and Learning to Children in Africa

Spread Happiness and Education with Your Toy Donations Welcome to Books2Africa, where your generosity can light up the lives of children across Africa. By donating toys, you are not only bringing joy to young hearts but also supporting their educational journey. Join us in making a difference today! Why Donate Toys to Books2Africa? At Books2Africa, […]

Father’s Day: The Evolving Role of African Fathers

Father’s Day, a special day for honouring fathers, is widely celebrated across the world, gifts are usually given to fathers as tokens of love and gratitude. While the origins of Father’s Day can be traced back to Sonora Louise Smart Dodd of Washington, who proposed the idea to honour her father’s dedication, the significance of […]

“I cherish my books the way I do my siblings”:  Mangs’ Story

What is your name? Mangs Where do you live? Jos Plateau, Nigeria How did you find out about Books2Africa? I bought novels from their bookshop. What is your favourite book which you have received from Books2Africa? My answer is actually a three in one. The first is titled Touching the Sky by Susan Madison, then […]

Asei: Books2Africa has given me a number of my favourite books

My name is Christopher Ebikebena Asei. I am from many places in the sense that, I am a local of Lagos, Bayelsa and Jos, Nigeria. I am a student at the University of Jos, I love to write, I love to read, I love to serve, I love data science, I love to teach. I […]

The relationship between education and poverty eradication.

For a long time, sociologists have wondered whether lack of education is caused by poverty or poverty is caused by lack of education. The debate has been dragging on. In recent years, a consensus has been emerging- education and poverty are linked inextricably.

The Aten of Ganawuri by Gérald Berthoud – Book Review

The book is an anthropological and sociological study of the Aten people as they were in that period, but a historical perspective is provided by the inclusion of colonial material (pre-1960) and reflections on the way the traditions he describes have weakened or disappeared in more recent times.

Book Swap – How to get your customers reading

Many businesses often have customers waiting – in a queue, a reception or a waiting room or an area with chairs. In those precious minutes, or even hours of waiting, you could get your visitors reading actual books rather than outdated magazines!