“I cherish my books the way I do my siblings”:  Mangs’ Story

What is your name? Mangs Where do you live? Jos Plateau, Nigeria How did you find out about Books2Africa? I bought novels from their bookshop. What is your favourite book which you have received from Books2Africa? My answer is actually a three in one. The first is titled Touching the Sky by Susan Madison, then […]

Asei: Books2Africa has given me a number of my favourite books

My name is Christopher Ebikebena Asei. I am from many places in the sense that, I am a local of Lagos, Bayelsa and Jos, Nigeria. I am a student at the University of Jos, I love to write, I love to read, I love to serve, I love data science, I love to teach. I […]

The relationship between education and poverty eradication.

For a long time, sociologists have wondered whether lack of education is caused by poverty or poverty is caused by lack of education. The debate has been dragging on. In recent years, a consensus has been emerging- education and poverty are linked inextricably.

The Aten of Ganawuri by Gérald Berthoud – Book Review

The book is an anthropological and sociological study of the Aten people as they were in that period, but a historical perspective is provided by the inclusion of colonial material (pre-1960) and reflections on the way the traditions he describes have weakened or disappeared in more recent times.

Book Swap – How to get your customers reading

Many businesses often have customers waiting – in a queue, a reception or a waiting room or an area with chairs. In those precious minutes, or even hours of waiting, you could get your visitors reading actual books rather than outdated magazines!